A little About Us

We wire the Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud ecosystem to derive innovative solutions that transforms and empowers Institutions and Industries. By leveraging mobile, big data and cloud dynamics and effectively streamlining social media we are building products and services that are capturing value and are enabling our clients to become high performance businesses.


Matelabs emanated to drive innovation from wiring the Cloud, Social media and the Mobile. At Matelabs we realize that innovation in SMAC is the need of the hour for Enterprises. Through research, strategy, design and analysis we are building a collaborative mobile platforms that help businesses to create and capture value.


To create value for our Customers, Consumers & Clients through our products and services.


Building synergistic partners to foster the culture of innovation and excellence and building technologies and solutions that are simple, easy to use and valued by our customers.


MATELABS has a culture of innovation and excellence. We thrive when solving problems and are in constant pursuit of building personalized and engaging products/services that empower institutions/industries and contribute in the evolution of business/society.

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